Welcome to Paroskite, the Paros Kiteboarding Center home to the PKRA world tour, GKRA (Greek Kite Riders Association) and the national Kite Olympic category training spot for all year round, with a long shallow-watered shoreline and sandy bottom, perfect side shore wind conditions, ideal for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced kiteboarder or windsurfer. Paroskite, established in 1993, is the hottest destination for all levels and experience of kiteboarders, from absolute beginners to professional riders. Our long shallow-watered shoreline and sandy bottom, ideal side shore wind conditions, create the perfect conditions for kiting, and a safe environment for students. Paroskite was the first IKO (International Kiteboarding Association) school in Greece, and is very proud to offer the very best multi lingual IKO instructors to ensure your progression.

Kite Surfing

Learn kiteboaring safely to of our fully registered and insured IKO school. We have up to 15 friendly, willing & talented IKO instructors, ready to teach all the IKO levels, from beginners to advanced. We also provide power boat or Jet Ski support to all our semiprivate or private courses.

The school’s policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted with a safety leash. All safety systems have been tested to ensure that they are in 100% working order.

All students learn how to use the safety systems from the first lesson. Lessons are only conducted while the wind conditions are below 30 knots.

Paroskite has a 100% safety record, we have NEVER had an accident in our center!!!

Wind Surfing

The ideal side shore wind combined with the shallow water of our spot will make your courses like a fun park tour. No matter if you are a totally beginner or you want to secure your spocks, here are the perfect conditions to do it. Our 4 high leveled , friendly and multilingual instructors will make your wishes come true.


Becoming secure sailors from their first lessons the students have the knowledge to cruise in every direction according to the wind conditions and feel very self confident due to the safety feeling that the friendly landscape has to offer. All the students can have lifejacket + helmet if they wish, which are included in the lesson price. Our equipment includes the latest 2014 models of boards and sails and they have been rigged and tested to ensure that they are in 100% working order.