ROFOS is a traditional wooden caique designed as a passengers carrier. The length is 11 meters, the width 3.70 meters and has a capacity of 25 persons. The boat offers a large awning for sun protection, as well as two swimming-ladders which provide to passengers easy access to sea and boat. Also offers a cabin with three sofas able to accommodate up to 10 persons and a bathroom with toilet and shower.
First stop is the wonderful turquoise waters at Panteronissi for 30 minutes. Guests can enjoy the sun and sea, with or without a mask. We offer fruits (watermelon, melon, grape, peach, cherries, kiwi, figs)

Second stop at the magical Cave of Pirates. The boat remain for an hour and guests can explore the cave and the sea bed of the cave with masks. We offer freshly made traditional snacks, drinks and refreshments. Departure with a short stop in the stunning cave Tripitis for photos

Trird stop at Agios Miron, where for 30 minutes the guests can enjoy a last swim in crystal clear waters before returning to the port of Aliki
Two itinerary daily 10.30 to 14.00 & 15.30 to 19.00

Sunset excursion

Rofos is sailing daily from Alyki 30 minutes before sunset for a 2,5 hours evening excursion. After enjoying the sunset, guests can have a noght swim next to the impressive hull lights of Rofos and a relax with the sound of soft music with a drink and snacks.

Private excursion

Rofos is offered for private excursion upon request. The excursion can be either half day or full day, while cooked traditional food and drinks can be offered. The itinerary can be decided with the clients depending to the weather conditions and the duration of the excursion.