19.00 «A Violin Narrates,” workshop for folk musical instruments of traditional music in Greece and Asia Minor, for children aged 10 years and over with Nancy Toumbakari (music teacher)
[Agrotoleschi Building]

19.00 «Construction of Improvised Musical Instruments with recycled and natural materials for children up to 10 years, with Katerina Dermata and Ioanna Fysilani (teachers)
[Courtyard of N. Perantinos Museum]

19.30 “Beauty and the Beast: Discovering the History of Beauty,” workshop for adults with Eleni Svoronou (philologist, author of juvenile literature)
[Christos Square]

22.00 Tsampouna and Toubaki Folk Music
[Starting Point: Mills Square]

22.30 Traditional feast with Nikos Economides, Kiriaki Spanou, Panos Vergos and Argyris Psathas.
[Papa-Giorghi Stamena Square]

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