Daytime Activity

10.00 “Following the Path of the Watermill” walking tour in the water paths in Dryos with Nikos Aliprantis (philologist, author) and Anna Aspropoulou.
[Meeting Point: Drios nursery school]

19.00 “A Boat Called Memory”, workshop based on a tale of the same name for children up to 10 years, with Vangelis Iliopoulos (writer, teacher)
[KAPI Building]

19.00 “A Camera from the Past,” photography workshop for teenagers with Athanasia Panagea (photographer, photography educator, cultural manager)
[Agrotoleschi Building]

“Musical Time Travel”

21.30 Tango
Music: Herman Mayr, Kostas Vlachopoulos
Dance: Kostas Doukas, Eleni Tsirigoti, Stefanos Hatzigeorgiou, Valentina Dragatsi

22.30 Gadjo Dilo: Concert
[Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

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