Monday 25 August
Ross Daly
Contemporary Mediterranean Sound

start time: 21:30
at the theatre of Paros Park

Tickets: €15
kids under 12, free

Ticket pre-sale: • Polychromo” bookstore at the Peripheral Road in Parikia • Anagennisi bookstore at Ekatontapyliani Square in Parikia, • Wide Angle photo store at the central square of Naoussa.
Organized by: Cyclades Cycle

The special nature of the sound quality and the melodic idioms of the Mediterranean highlight the subtle sparseness and clarity which are so characteristic of its culture. The unique sound of the Mediterranean lends an unparalleled luminosity and warmth which add a certain immediacy, nonchalance and optimism to the musical architecture of the West. An austere edifice with well-tempered intervals, harmonic infrastructures and a synthesis of structures which in their turn can exert a positive influence on the musical “economy” of traditional musical composition.

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