Tao’s Bar-Restaurant offers delicious Asian food, Café-Bar and a unique experience,
culinary as well as personal, being the heart and central part of Tao’s Center.

The restaurant Menu offers the very best of Asian Cuisine:
Salmon Teriaki and Sushi from Japan, Shrimp Szecuan, Chicken Pineapple and Dim-Sum from China,
Pad-Thai Noodles, Mango Salad and Curry dishes from Thailand, all made from fresh and local materials
prepared with the highest quality by the smiling kitchen team lead by our Thai chef Pan Sawan.
Except for the rich lunch & dinner Menu, the restaurant offers a breakfast menu,
and special Set Menu of 12€ per person.

Bar-Café with Wi-Fi access, live music events and outstanding view completes the picture,
creating an intimate, free and unpretentious atmosphere, where one immediately feels at home.

The restaurant is open daily, 10:00 – 24:00, and on Sundays 13:00 – 24:00.